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Ancestral Plant relationships

with Lupo Passero & Friends

Our ancestors come in not only human form, but in plant form as well.  Human beings and plants beings have been co-evolving together for over 200,000 years.  There is a unspoken language between plants and people that our ancestors knew and understood. Deciphering the Language of Plants is an imperative for building and fostering “right” relationships with all living beings. Our ancestors knew each plant and tree intimately and could tell you the story of each species including its medicinal, edible, and utilitarian uses, but more importantly the spiritual and emotional healing virtues as well.  

The Ancestral Plant Relationship Series is about re-membering plant medicine in all of its forms and deepening our close and personal understanding of the green world.  We will work with a different plant or tree each class and will include and overview and introduction to the medicinal, edible, utilitarian & spiritual uses. We will spend the day thoroughly getting to know each plant as an individual, will make a variety of preparations with the plant and will end the day with Green Breath, or another profound plant spirit ceremony which offers the participants a chance to journey into with the spirit of the plant. 

All participants will make and take home a variety of primitive crafts made with our plant ally, in addition to several herbal preparations. This series will offered bi-monthly from 10-5:00 with Lupo Passero and Zach Fisher.  

Upcoming Dates:

Willow April 28th

Nettle June 30th

Goldenrod September 8th

Red Osier November 10th

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