OUR community Apothecary

We are honored and delighted to offer our full service apothecary at 57 BANK STREET in downtown New Milford! We have expanded our hours, inventory and services! We will continue to specialize in local, small batch, handcrafted, community supported herbs, teas, aromatherapy, flower essences, jewelry, classes, readings, consults & more!

Twin Star Community Apothecary offers a variety of herbal products, we specialize in local, ethically wildcrafted and organic bulk medicinal herbs, handmade tinctures, custom crafted teas, and topical preparations.  We carry a variety of smudge and sacred smoke, hundreds of flower essences, specialty books, plant oracle cards and more. We also offer Community Supported Apothecary CSA Shares (seasonally) as well as locally made specialty products such as organic Tick Away and ethically sourced essential oils.  Many of our products can also be found on our  ETSY account.

Open Apothecary hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10-5
Friday & Saturday 10-6
Sundays: 11-4

 You may contact us at (860) 350-0077 or at 

Come on in and see what we are up to!

"Like going home! Relaxed and professional staff, full of targeted knowledge for a personalized regime." - Satisfied Customer Review via Square

"Very knowledgeable on products and use of products there. The teas are very good!"      - Satisfied Customer Review via Square

"What a wonderful place to find quality oils and tinctures. And the knowledge behind the uses is deep."  - Satisfied Customer Review via Square

"Staff is so wonderful, and events are always so interesting. Loved buying the plant medicine seedlings this weekend." -  Satisfied Customer Review via Square


Apothecary StaFf


Rebekah Sutter, Apothecary Fairy, Potions Master & Staff Herbalist Bekah is a blossoming community herbalist & artist residing in the rolling hills of Northwest Connecticut. Rebekah first joined the Twin Star Tribe in the summer of 2013 and has since completed various herbal trainings including: Foundations of Herbalism, Practices and Protocols of Herbalism, Tropical Herbalism in Costa Rica, Flower Essence Practitioner Training, Seed to Market Advanced Herbal Training and Spiral Path Women's Herbal Apprenticeship. She has served as the Twin Star Herbal Apprentice for nearly five years and has helped Lupo co-teach a variety of classes throughout that time. Rebekah skillfully creates and crafts the majority of herbal preparation in our apothecary and also co-teaches in the Art & Science of Herbalism, The Spiral Path Women’s Medicine Way Course, Foundations of Herbalism and Introduction to Herbalism courses. She also hosts and organizes both the Plant Partner and Plant Wisdom Wednesday monthly offering as well as our 13 Moons Women Circle. Bekah's passion lies in combining the healing physical, energetic & plant spirit magic of the herbal world and creating beautiful hand-crafted artwork and herbal remedies. Rebekah and her work can be found in the Twin Star Apothecary throughout the week.


Haley Nedderman, Staff Herbalist & Twin Star Apprentice Haley has been taking classes at Twin Star since 2014, completing trainings that include Foundations of Herbalism, Practices and Protocols of Herbalism, Flower Essence Practitioner Training in Costa Rica, and the Seed to Market Advanced Herbal Training. Before coming to Twin Star, she completed her bachelor's degree in Natural History and Environmental Humanities at Sterling College (VT), so her knowledge of plants also extends to their ecological roles and stories. Currently, Haley is working in the apothecary as an Apprentice. She spends her days blending teas, inventorying our selection of beautiful herbs, wildcrafting, coming up with new recipes, and much more. What draws Haley in the most when studying herbal medicine, is learning about the ways plants help us heal on an emotional and spiritual level. As an herbalist, she hopes to inspire people to connect with the plants that grow around them, and empower them to incorporate those plants into their everyday life.


Mairead Rosa, Budding Herbalist Mairead graduated with a degree in Allied Health Sciences from Western Connecticut State University, and is currently studying to get into school to be a Naturopath. She also graduated from Twin Star’s class Foundations of Herbalism. She’s been an intern at TwinStar since January 2018 and has learned more than she could have ever imagined in such a short period of time. One of her passions is nutrition and learning how to use food as medicine. Mairead would love to be able to spread what she learned about nutrition to the community, and be able to use it as part of her own practice once she is done with school.

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Matthew Arnold, Budding Herbalist Matt attained a Bachelor's Degree in Health Promotion Studies: Holistic Health from Western Connecticut State University. He has completed various of Twin Star’s herbal training including: Intro to Herbalism, Intro to Flower Essence, Foundations of Herbalism, Practices and Protocols, and Seed to Market. While in the apothecary he manages the bulk tincture inventory while also performing other small tasks. Matt enjoys working with all dogs especially rescue dogs to help them rehabilitate from their former troubled lives and find new, caring homes.

Apothecary Interns

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Samantha is preparing to graduate from Western Connecticut State University in December, 2018 with a Bachelor's Degree in Holistic & Integrative Health Promotion. She is completing her internship and final project at Twin Star and spends much of her time there harvesting and drying local herbs, making medicinal batches, hand-made small-batch body care products, and tea! Her final project will focus on educating the public of the spiritual, emotional, environmental, and even financial benefits of creating fresh, small batches of body care products for your own home. When she's not at Twin Star, Samantha can most likely be found working at the Apple Store, singing too loudly in her car, or cooking some combination of pasta and tofu.


Gabriella Del Bene is an intern from Western Connecticut University. In December 2018, she will be graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotion with a double concentration in Community Health and Holistic Health. Through the Holistic Program, she obtained a Master Reiki certification. Gabriella’s time in the Apothecary is spent by building relationships with the community, managing posts on social media and promoting our herbal education classes and events. Her final project includes a bundle pack of products infused with Reiki to create a safe, serene space when facing a transition of life events. Gabriella would like to share her knowledge about holistic modalities to the community.