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Twin Stars Herbal Apprenticeship & Apothecary Mentorship Program

Twin Star Herbal Education is currently accepting applications for our 2019 position to a budding herbalist for a part time herbal apprenticeship. This is not a simple work/study program, but a highly sought after and rewarding apprenticeship and mentorship opportunity where you will be working closely with Community Herbalists, Lupo Passero and Rebekah Sutter as well as a variety of amazing instructors and practitioners that work within the Twin Star Tribe School and Apothecary. The apprenticeship begins in January and ends July 1st, applicants must be willing to commit to the entire 6-month program.

This herbal apprenticeship is for graduating students interested in training as community herbalists and apothecary specialists and wanting to delve deeply into the world of plants, herbal medicine and apothecary skills. Applicants must have completed either our Foundations of Herbalism program or Rosemary Gladstar’s Art & Science course or a comparable program with a minimum of 150 hours of herbal training.  Most of the tasks required will be directly related to plants, such as gardening and wildcrafting in addition to apothecary duties such as making herbal preparations, bottling and labeling, as well as gaining valuable skills working directly with the general public communicating and building upon your skills as an herbalist. There will also be additional aspects such as prepping the classroom, assisting with classes, filing paperwork, managing inventory, computer work and whatever needs to be done.


1.    Apprentices have access to all Twin Star classes, events, plant walks and field trips - free of charge. (Excludes out of country travel)

2.    Apprentices will receive a 40% discount of the retail price of all Twin Star Apothecary inventory

3.    Apprentices will get to take home one of each medicine made throughout the apprenticeship (trust us, that is a lot of medicine!)

4.    Apprentices will have full access to planting and harvesting from the Twin Star gardens, Northville Meadows and and all wildcrafting adventures and can take home herbs as needed for their own personal apothecary.

5.    Apprentices may have additional opportunities to accompany Lupo and or/Bekah to conferences, gatherings and events including a variety of herbal conferences and local Universities (including WCSU, Yale University and the University of Bridgeport).

6.    Apprentices will earn a Certificate of Completion for Herbal Mentorship with hours included (this will be well over 500 hours)

Please Consider

Herbal mentorships programs are a very rare and highly sought out, they are hands-on unique experiential learning opportunities.  It is rare to find a mentorship program of this caliber in the Herbalism field. We will be taking the application process seriously and are interested only in committed and dedicated budding Herbalists looking to grow their skills as Community Herbalists and Apothecary Specialists.

Since there are few opportunities for herbal students to be directly involved in this caliber of training, we will be looking for apprentices who will take this mentorship seriously and share a wild enthusiasm and a great deal of love and humility for our craft. There is no tuition cost for apprentices. In fact, if the apprenticeship goes well there is the possibility of paid employment in the future as well as additional bonuses may be available throughout the program.  Apprentices must provide their own housing, transportation, computer, books, tools, etc.

Approximate Apprenticeship Hours:

On Monday-Wednesday there will be an opportunity to attend all Twin Star classes and events.  There will be additional classes and events Thursday-Saturday (and possibly Sunday) and we will ask for a commitment to those days as needed for Apothecary, Gardening and Wildcrafting work.  Apprentices can still sit in on any classes or events happening Wed-Sundays.

•   Monday (opportunity to sit in on Level 1 or 3)

•   Tuesday (opportunity to sit in on all evening classes & events)

•   Wednesday (opportunity to sit in on weekly herbal classes with guest instructors)

•   Thursday 10:00-5:00 – Apprenticeship Hours

•   Friday 10:00-6:00 – Apprenticeship Hours

•   Saturday-10:00-6:00 – Apprenticeship Hours

•   Sunday-12:00-4:00 – (opportunity for occasional Apothecary Hours & Classes)

If you choose to apply for this apprenticeship, and we certainly hope that you do, please first consider the nature of the time commitment. This apprenticeship may not work well for folks who already have a full time job and must fit easily into your existing schedule and be a primary priority. Since we will be working closely together as a team, each applicant will be interviewed in person, with Lupo and Bekah (don’t worry – we really are a good time!). Please fill out your information below and we will send you an application and call to schedule an interview.

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