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the botanical bartender 

Herbal Training with Herbalists Lupo Passero & Ilana Sobo

New dates coming soon!

Mixology, Craft Cocktails and Botanical Infused Spirits have become such a fantastic, fun and popular trend these days.  Bartenders and Baristas are creating incredible drinks, cocktails and mock-tails with fabulous ingredients from all over the world offering patrons a historically rich and botanically infused experience. Of course botanicals and spirits have gone hand and hand since the very beginning and recently there has been an obvious and epic rise in the use of botanicals and herbs in the popular, modern bar scene.   

Modern bartenders or "mixologists" (as some prefer to be called), are highly skilled at making incredible cocktails and are incredibly creative in their own right, though some may feel that they lack experience or training in herbalism and/or botanical safety.  This type of training is rarely offered exclusively to bartenders, honoring their specialized craft.  Inexperienced folk can be more likely to make mistakes or use an ingredient that may or may not be safe for all to consume.

As a lover of both botanicals and cocktails, Lupo has been paying close attention in recent years to this botanical boom in the bar industry and has certainly been inspired and excited to be a part of the cocktail revolution. However, she was quick to notice that several of the specialty drinks she has been served in both her favorite bars and restaurants, and by inspired friends and community members as well have contained ingredients that, as a trained herbalist, she would not necessarily deem safe for consumption by all.  While sharing a cocktail (and her thoughts) about this with fellow herbalist, friend, and aromatherapist Ilana the two concluded that they could offer a program that would offer bartenders (and all lovers of plant based spirits) interested in the safe and efficacious use of herbs, an in-depth training that would cover all of the botanical bases, from history to use, and insure that botanicals were being blended safely and celebrated properly.

Hence The Botanical Bartender Training was born!  This training will be offered over a two day period and will be limited to a small and intimate group of participants. The following topics will be covered in detail:

The History of Botanical Spirits

Safety, Precautions & Proper Use of Botanicals

Practical Uses and Review of Popular Herbs including: thyme, rosemary, rose, lavender, peppermint, cayenne, anise hyssop, chamomile, holy basil, cacao & many more

How to Properly Formulate Your Own:

  • Infusions/Decoctions

  • Infused Herbal Spirits

  • Herbal Syrups

  • Herbal Bitters

  • Herbal Shrubs and Ciders

  • Herbal Essential Oil Spirits

  • Herbal Elixirs, Crème Liquors & Cordials

The regular cost for this two day training is $500 and includes all materials, a detailed manual of instruction and samples of all preparations to take home. 

You may reserve your spot by making a $250 deposit, additional payments due the day of class.