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13 Moons Women's Healing Circle

This month Linda Shreve leads the circle in “Mysteries of the Goddess - Earth and Sky”.

“This body is made of earth and gold, sky and stars, rivers and oceans, masquerading as muscle and bone...” From the Radience Sutras

Join us for an evening of storytelling, song, movement and meditation to discover how we embody earth and sky, and hiw they meet and intertwine in us. What do Inanna and Ishtar, Sumerian and Babylonian goddesses teach us about ourselves? Regroup with us after the holidays and find out.

Since the dawn of our existence women have been gathering together as daughters, sisters, mothers and as healers. Powerful stories have been shared, tears have been shed and many magical moments of healing, strength and love have occurred. It is in honor of this ancient tradition that the 13 Moons - A Women’s Healing Circle has been created. Each moon we will explore a variety of topics including: sacred healing, women’s plant allies and the wise woman tradition. We will also create rituals for honoring our moon cycle, birth, death, divorce and more and will focus on positive manifestations, cutting cords and fully explore our role as women, sisters and community healers. The circle will be a private and sacred group, open to women or those who identify as women. If you are interested in sharing in this experience and would like more information please send contact Bekah at

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