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13 Moons Women's Healing Circle

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This month Rebekah Sutter leads the circle in "Transformation - A New Year Ahead"

"I honor the natural process of growth and transformation."

From the moment of our existence we spiral through many cycles and phases of life. Growth and change are natural and inevitable, though often uncomfortable. Honor your growth and allow yourself to feel the flow of your transformation. In light of the new year, we will call on the energy of butterfly and her miraculous ways of transformation and rebirth. Through a guided meditation, ritual and guided creative activity, we will explore our own shifting, resting, expansion, and transformation under this moon.

Since the dawn of our existence women have been gathering together as daughters, sisters, mothers and as healers. Powerful stories have been shared, tears have been shed and many magical moments of healing, strength and love have occurred. It is in honor of this ancient tradition that the 13 Moons - A Women’s Healing Circle has been created. Beginning in January, each month meeting on the first Thursday (Jan & July the second Thursday), we will explore a variety of topics including: sacred healing, women’s plant allies and the wise woman tradition. We will create rituals for honoring our many phases and explore our role as women, sisters and community healers. The circle will be a private and sacred group, open and inclusive to all who identify as women.

$25 pre-registered // $30 at the door

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