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Sacred Herbs & Healing Waters of Southwest France

Come join us on our annual magical tour to Occitania in southwest France where we combine the magic of local herbs and sacred waters with the divine feminine teachings that are so present in this cherished corner of France.  Here we will be well off the beaten tourist-path, tucked away in the foothills of the Pyrenees; where the local esoteric history reaches back thousands of years.  It is the land of Mary Magdalene, Isis, White Ladies, the Cathars, Knights Templar, Celts and Black Madonnas which all have their part in the great Holy Grail mystery.  It’s a part of our world that until recently, has seemingly been left untouched. But don’t let that fool you. Traveling the small, winding roads of the Languedoc, you will marvel at the beauty and mystery of this sacred land.

Our home base will be in Rennes les Bains which is a famous spa village that dates back over 2000 years to when Roman nobility would “summer” here.  It is a village of less than 200 inhabitants, located on the Salz River with it’s own natural thermal baths.  Every day you will have the opportunity to bathe in the thermal waters that so many have come to for healing for thousands of years. Local lore says that Mary Magdalene baptised and performed healing in this river.

Surrounded by nature in this powerful energetic landscape, we will create ceremony, follow with the eyes of history and take part in daily herbal and energetic healing classes. Community Herbalist and Flower Essence Practitioner Lupo Passero will lead the group on plant walks, talks and botanical lessons throughout the region. Under her guidance we will make herbal remedies, flower essences and water remedies. She will lead us in powerful and loving ceremonies of plant spirit healing. It is against this backdrop where we will meet, interact and study many of Europe’s native plants and trusted herbal allies and where we will immerse ourselves in the local healing waters which are found in the rivers, streams, lakes and springs and create beautiful water essences. You will soon come to understand why the waters here have been revered for thousands of years.

This trip is perfect for all levels of herbal experience; whether you are a beginner, the “budding” herbalist or if you’re an experienced herbalist and would like a deeper understanding of sacred plant medicine. Each day will include time with our herbal allies, interaction with the local waters and time for exploring the rich history of this sacred land.  At the end of this tour, each participant will be awarded a Certificate of Completion to commemorate what we have discovered and learned on this trip.
Twin Star specializes in empowering the Divine Feminine in all of us by leading people to sacred, off-the-beaten path sites, rich in botanical lore.  Our trips encourage individuals to deepen their plant-soul connection.  By gently walking the Earth in these special places, our alliance to Spirit is strengthened.  Through this unification, we come back to our lives and shine the light that we are.

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PRICE (does not include airfare): $2950

Deposit of $800 to reserve your space. 

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2nd payment of $1075 will be due April 21

Final payment of $1075 will be due June 21

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