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Second Saturday's with Laura Watkins - Astrological Counselor

We are thrilled to host the wonderful and wildly popular Laura Watkins, Astrological Counselor in our apothecary for reading on the second Saturday of each month. Call ahead for an appointment: 860 350 0077

Astrological Readings


$45/half hour

Compatibility readings for $120

Laura Watkins has been studying astrology for over 30 years and has practiced as an Astrological Counselor for 20. "I believe astrology is really a study of personal energies and a tool to help us understand ourselves and others. I believe we choose to be born at a certain time and place, to a specific set of parents, a cultural group, sex, with certain strengths and challenges, all for our souls to learn important lessons during our time in Earth School. Our natal chart could be considered our syllabus or course outline." Laura loves to share her understanding of the stars with others and in addition to chart readings also teaches occasional classes. Come see her every second Saturday of the month in the apothecary!