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Annual Medicinal Plant Sale with Pleasant Valley Botanicals


Come one, come all! To Twin Star & Pleasant Valley Botanical's annual medicinal plant seedling sale! Join the Twin Star Tribe and Farmer Friend Melody of Pleasant Valley Botanical in celebration of springs arrival Sunday, June 2nd, from 10-4!

Join us for FREE Grow Your Own Apothecary round table discussion with Melody Wright from 10-11am.

The free herb talk will primarily be a round-robin whirlwind discussion of the herbs available, focusing on their preferred growing location and medicine making tips.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to keep the energy up and to minimize distractions, if you intend on coming to the plant talk, please plan to arrive on time. Otherwise, please plan to come when the plant sale opens at 11 am. Thank you.

and stay for our seedling sale! from 11am-4pm, Melody will be here with her lovingly grown seedlings. There will be over 40 different herbs and flowers to choose from, from favorite adaptogens like Holy Basil (Tulsi) to fun new friends like Spilanthes to beautiful companions like Red Shiso! MANY of these seedlings are hard or impossible to find for sale, so don't miss this herbal opportunity!

We will not be able to hold or set aside seedling ahead of time.

Stay tuned for more information!

Tentative plant list, still subject to change! (Latin names and why I love them, coming soon....)

Echinacea pallida
Echinacea purpurea
Red sage
Lemon Balm
Vana Tulsi (Holy Basil)
Kapoor Tulsi (Holy Basil)
Wooly Mint
White horehound
Self Heal
Korean Mint
Anise Hyssop
Hyssop officinalis
Lemon Verbena
White Sage
Baikal Skullcap
"Mad-dog" Skullcap
Bee Balm
Scarlet Runner Bean
Cayenne Pepper (Make your own FREE FIRE CIDER!)

The Nitty Gritty on Pricing.....
PLANTS ARE $5 EACH. BUY 8 PLANTS, GET ONE FREE! This price includes the sales tax. Yes, seedling are taxable in CT.

Also, bring in 30 recycled plastic pots and get ONE PLANT FREE.
POTS MUST BE: small 3", 4", or 5" SQUARE POTS in decent condition. No oversized honkers please. I will also take back 3", 4", or 5" round pots, but they don't count towards a free plant. Sorry, but roundies make greenhouse life harder. UPDATE: I WILL take back flimsy 4 and 6 pack plastic planters. But they must be gently used, clean-ish and nicely stacked. PLEASE don't ease your trash guilt by bringing me torn or crumpled ones that I can't re-use next year and will have to throw away. These also don't count towards a free plant, but in the spirit of recycling I will re-use them!

Some thoughts on pricing:
Yes, it sometimes feels as if organic costs more. But the reality is, non-organic foods and plants actually cost us all more in the long run, in poisoned air, water, soils, plants and bodies. Environmental and social externalities (a side effect or consequence of an industrial or commercial activity that affects other parties without this being reflected in the cost of the goods or services involved) may be hard to factor in, but it doesn't make them any less real. When I might cringe at the slightly higher cost of organic at the cash-register, I think to myself: "If not me, who? If not now, when?". High quality seeds, potting soil and making efforts to limit waste takes additional time, effort and money. But you are worth it, the plants are worth it, our friends and family and communities are worth it, Mother Earth is worth it.

Perhaps you are like me, with a high deductible "health insurance plan"? Perhaps like me, you have to pay $4000 (or more!) out of pocket, on top of monthly premiums, before your "health insurance" kicks in? Americans pay 25% more for health care than any other country. Overall, Americans also pay less for their food than anytime in history, and less for their food than almost any other country in the world. Perhaps we all would be better off paying more for high quality food and less for "sick care"?!?

And randomly:
This year as we run out of recycled pots, we are trying out coconut coir pots which are a by-product and are compostable. I welcome your feedback on how they worked out for you.
The Nitty Gritty....
You are strongly encouraged to bring a cardboard box or flat to travel home with your new friends. Pleasant Valley Botanicals is pro-recycling, and you will see a hodgepodge of plant containers since we are pro-recycling!
The above plant list is for informational purposes only, and not a guarantee of the availability of any specific plant. There are also a few friends that are not yet ready to come out of the greenhouse. Sign up for the mailing list if you might be interested in an end of summer perennial plant sale.
Any previous Pleasant Valley Botanicals CSA member receives one free seedling (your choice) just for stopping by- no purchase necessary.
All our plants are grown with love and our seeds are from sources that have taken the safe-seed pledge or are otherwise reliable (*). However, if harvesting for culinary or medicinal purposes it is still YOUR responsibility to ensure proper identification as other adventurous seeds and weed seeds CAN and DO make their way into potting soil, neighboring seedling flats and pots, and garden beds (**). Any information presented here or during the sale is not intended to diagnosis, prevent, cure or treat any medical condition nor make any medical claims about the safety or efficacy of herbs.
For more information or questions, you can email thru the contacts page or ask to be put on Pleasant Valley Botanicals' email list.