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Join us and this fabulous group of powerful women as they offer their skills in the art of palm reading, tarot reading, astrological consultations & flower essence consultations. They’ll be joining us a Saturday every month from noon to 4:00pm. Call or stop in to schedule a reading. Each month we will host some or all of the following readers.

We are honored to have Aimee Cavazzi, Palm Reader who has offered her services at Twin Star for special events, now joining us monthly to read palms for our customers!

Erin Mahollitz has been reading Tarot for almost 20 years. She approaches Tarot as a mirror that reflects the energies in life. Her readings activate the intuitive knowledge in her clients, engaging them as wise and empowered beings. She also teaches how use Tarot to boost personal magic and manifestation powers.

We are thrilled to host the wonderful and wildly popular Laura Watkins, Astrological Counselor Extraordinaire who has been sharing her gifts with the Apothecary since ins inception, for this monthly event.

Insightful Tarot reader Leah Joy has been skillfully offering readings in the Apothecary for the last year, sharing her love as an intuitive Tarot card reader!

ALL readings are $45 for 1/2 hour; $90 for an hour

Additionally, you can book an Astrological compatibility readings with Laura for $120

Haley Neddermann, Flower Essence Practitioner, will be offering consultations each month at Psychic Saturdays, or by appointment. Flower essences can help support emotional and spiritual wellness by flooding the body with the positive energy of plant allies. They are a subtle yet powerful healing tools that have no contraindications, and can be used for acute or chronic situations. During this time, you will have the opportunity to share what aspects of your life are in need of support or illumination. Each consultation includes creating a flower essence blend intended to support you on your unique healing journey. - 45 minute session - $55 + $5 for essence.

During Psychic Saturdays at Twin Star, you may also choose to co-create a flower essence blend with Haley that is inspired by insights gained in your astrology, tarot, or palm reading. Maybe there is a specific aspect of your reading that you want to integrate, heal, or deepen your relationship with - there's a flower essence for that! - 15 minute mini-session - $25 (includes essence)

Psychic Saturdays will be held monthly in the apothecary for a variety of readings. Stop in, call ahead at 860 350 0077, or contact Bekah at to reserve your appointment.

You can book one reading or all four! Bring some friends and make a day of it!

Earlier Event: July 24
Plant Partner: Self-Heal