At Twin Star Herbal Education we draw upon traditional, holistic modalities that empower individuals to live a healthy and peaceful modern life. This  program will meet two days a month throughout the growing season, March through October. Each session focuses on one of the seven sacred healing centers (chakras), the corresponding system of the body and the herbs that support them. We honor and recognize the significant connection between well-being and our direct relationship with nature.  This program provides the opportunity to continually deepen that bond by spending time outdoors in Natures classroom discovering the numerous healing benefits of the plants that grow all around us.  By strengthening our knowledge and understanding of herbal wisdom we reclaim our health back into our own hands and continue to evolve the healing exchange between our communities, our planet and ourselves.  

To insure a personal and intimate experience class size is limited, please contact us at twinstarherbinfo@gmail.com to reserve your 2019 spot.

Monday Classes - This program is held at our classroom studio in New Milford, CT and will be offered two full Monday’s of each month March-October

2020 Dates: March (16/23), April (6/20), May (4/11) June (8/22), July (6/20), August (3/17), September (14/21), October (5/19) from 9:30- 5:00

Topics Covered for Both Programs:

Healing Circles              

Herbs for the Systems of the Body            

Herbal Remedies/Recipes               

Plant Identification Walks              

Medicine Wheel Gardening 


Breath Work/Meditation              

Chakra System/Energy Healing     

Herbs for the Chakras    

Participants will create a variety of herbal remedies throughout the program to take home & will be responsible for 50+ hours of homework/self study. Students will receive a certificate of recognition for 175 hours of studies upon completion of the course.      

Program Details  

March - Intro to Herbalism - Energy Healing w/ the Chakras - Wildcrafting - Spring Tonics

April - Root Chakra - Herbal Energetics/Actions - Nervous System/Stress - Herbal Teas                                                                             

May - Sacral Chakra - Male/Female Reproductive System - Herbal Skincare - Medicinal Oils   

June - Solar Plexus Chakra - Digestive System - Detoxifying Herbs - Medicinal Salves         

July - Heart Chakra - Circulatory System - Flower Essences - Tinctures and Glycerites

August - Throat Chakra - Eyes/Ears/Nose - Immune Support - Herbal Syrups                         

September - Third Eye Chakra - Herbs for Children - Aromatherapy - Herbal Powders                                                                                       

October - Crown Chakra - Herbal First Aid - Student Become Teacher - Closing Ceremony                                        

November - Graduation Ceremony (Date TBA)


You can reserve your spot by making a deposit on our registration page or by sending a check, please include enrollment form. Monthly payment plans available, inquire within.   

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Foundations of Herbalism
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What Students Are Saying

"Foundations in Herbalism is a course for anyone who wants to learn more about cultivating and wildcrafting herbs. You will not only gain experience in herbal medicine making but will find a great community as well. Lupo has a wonderful way of presenting the herbs and teaches us to get to know them like we would a good friend. This course is life changing." Linda S. 2012 Graduate

"This class provides a great foundation in herbal medicine. Lupo's extensive experience and knowledge allows for her to meet the students where they are at, whether with lots of experience with herbs and plants or none at all! She helps us build a relationship with the plants" -M. B. 2013 Graduate

"The Foundations in Herbalism class helped me to make healthier choices in my lifestyle. I feel balanced in mind, body and spirit. Herbs do heal. I cannot wait to attend the level two portion and to visit Costa Rica!" -Lori A. 2013 Graduate

"This class changed my life. If there is anything I would suggest to do for yourself, it is this amazing class. I was gifted with life time wisdom & knowledge of plants, on top of finding an amazing tribe of souls." -Maria F. 2016 Graduate