Begins Tuesday September 24th from 6-8:30 and includes Saturday October 5th from 10-2:00 for an outdoor class, making flower essences in the field! 
The class continues to meet one evening a week from 6-8:30: Tuesday October 1, 8, 15 & 22

This workshop offering an in depth explanation of Dr. Bach’s 38 original flower remedies.  Topics covered include: the history of flower essences, how to use flower essences for people, pets and plants, making your own flower essences, case studies, flower essence consultations, chakra essences and more.   This class is limited in size to insure intimacy and individual attention. 

Topics covered will include:

  • the history of flower essences

  • a slide show of the original 38 essences

  • the12 healers, the 38 essences & rescue remedy

  • the affects of flower essence therapy

  • practical uses and sensitivities

  • flower essence therapy for children, adults and pets

  • flower essences for acute trauma and disaster relief

  • making flower essences in the field

  • flower essences for each of the chakras

  • selecting remedies, consultations, case studies & more

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