Sacred Feminine/Masculine

Healing Herbs & Holy Waters of Southwest France 



July 15-22nd (7 nights) with Lupo Passero, Herbalist and Tina Hatzell, Spiritual Tour Guide

Join us on our bi-annual tour of this very special part of France that is well off the beaten tourist-path, tucked away in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains and filled with sacred sites, magic and lore. Traveling the small, winding roads of Languedoc, you will marvel at the beauty as you being to uncover the ancient mystery of this sacred land. Discover the healing herbs & holy waters of the Languedoc region, experience the Sacred Feminine/Masculine balance. Explore the Magic and stories of the Magdelene and energies of the ley lines with us. We look forward to hosting you in this majestic landscape.

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