Love Letters 

"Lupo's extensive herbal knowledge has depend my understanding and my relationships with the plant world.  I have received so much value out of the Foundations of Herbalism course and highly recommend it to anyone interested in plants, herbal medicine and healing." - J.B. 2012 Graduate
"Lupo teaches plant wisdom from a heart centered space which encourages students to continue to connect with the plants in a sacred and traditional way. In the level 2 Practices and Protocols of Herbalism you will have the opportunity to form deeper relationships with plants, which is an extremely transformational and healing experience."  - C.H. 2014 Graduate
"Twin Star classes changed the way I look at plants. I learned how I can serve them and how they can better serve me!" - C.G. 2014 Graduate
"Twin Star has been an important part of my healing journey.  I felt like a sponge during the entire 8 months of  the Foundations in Herbalism course.  I am so grateful for what I have learned, the people who have come into my life, the tears and the laughter that were shared, my relationships with the plants, and the healer I continue to grow into."    - R.G. 2014 Graduate

"Twin Star provides a great foundation in herbal medicine.  Lupo's extensive experience and knowledge allows for her to meet the students where they are at, whether with lots of experience with herbs and plants or none at all! She helps us build a relationship with the plants" -M.B. 2013 Graduate
What a privilege it's been for me to have the opportunity to walk this joyful herbal path with Lupo. A passionate herbalist and teacher, she is one of the most dedicated and generous individuals I know. Always growing personally and sharing her wisdom.”         -B.L. 2012 graduate.
"Lupo, thank you so much for all of your wisdom and your beautiful way of sharing! I loved spending time with your energy. I learned so much in just three hours!"                  - S.O. 2016 Making Your Own First Aid Kit Class
"I have learned so much in the Foundations class - it is unbelievable what I now know about plants compared to eight months ago!  When class began in March I only knew a few plants, now I am so much more confident with my plant knowledge.  Lupo's teaching style is perfect.  She keeps the class on track while contributing personal and interesting stories, and allowing for us to do the same.  She is warm, fun, knowledgeable, loving and caring and so passionate about what she does."                    - E.U. 2014 Graduate