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Plant Healers :: A Practicing Herbalist Program

with Ilana Sobo & Lupo Passero

Is it time to take your herbal medicine studies to the next level? Would you like to learn how to begin to work with family, friends and community members to help them to find health and wellness through herbalism? Have you already studied herbalism and participated in our Level 1 & 2 programs or herbal courses earning over 300 hours of study? Than this course if for you! 

This eight-week emersion course is meant to help you take the steps to becoming a Herbal Practitioner.  Skills you will learn include: holistic approaches to disease, how to take a medical history, traditional assessment skills, how to determine what herbal remedies to use, holistic counseling skills, energetic medicine, and traditional approaches to Ayurveda.  Advanced herbal students will participate in a variety of experiences including: observing seasoned herbalists, round table learning exercises, putting your herbal education into practice and beginning to comfortably work with friends, family and community members.

Begins 2018 - Dates & Times TBA   


Communication/Mindful Listening Skills

Assessment Skills – tongue/pulse/facial

Intakes and Forms/Steps to a visit

Intro to Apothecary Herbalism

Into to Ayurveda (Ayurveda Approach to Herbalism)

Intuitive Herbalism – The Practicing Shaman

How to Properly Research Herbs & Drug/Herb Interactions

Basic Medical Skills – Blood Pressure, pulse, heartbeat, eye, ear & lymph

Red Flags

Popular Supplements

Herbal Legalities

Ethics and Boundaries

Community Outreach and Marketing

Community Herbalism in Action 

Setting up a Practice


125 Certificate Hours Earned  

64 Classroom Hours 

46 for Home Intakes, Assignments and Reading

15 for Final Teaching Presentation


Pricing: $1200 per student