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Co-hosted with our friends at White Pine Community Farm in Wingdale, NY   

Herb justice is a belief that all communities should have access to high quality locally grown herbal plants and remedies. Students in the Herb Justice Seed to Market program will learn first hand how to grow, tend and harvest dozens of medicinal herbs that are grown at White Pine Community Farm, in Wingdale NY. Participants will also work closely with the diversity of medicinal and edible plants that grow wild throughout our area. Throughout the program we will use these herbs to prepare herbal teas, salves and tinctures and bring these remedies to our rural and urban neighboring communities through various farmers markets.   Participants in the class will formulate and co-create four seasonal Community Apothecary Shares (CSA), featuring 7 different herbal remedies (each share) with the herbs that they have grown from seed or locally wild crafted. Students learn how to properly formulate, label and market their CSA shares and receive one of each seasonal share to take home after they are complete.  The Seed to Market participants actively engage in the Herb Justice concept by learning to share herbal healing with the public regardless of race, class, gender, ethnicity, citizenship, ability, religion, or community.  

Class Schedule

Monthly classes held the last Monday of the month March-November 2018, with the exception of May, class will be held on the 13th that month. All classes will be led and supervised by Community Herbalist Lupo Passero of Twin Star Herbal Education and Herbal Medicine Farmer Ben Schwartz of White Pine Community Farm. This program was designed to be a continuation of level one Foundations of Herbalism or an equivalent of 150 hours of self study of herbal training program.  

Topics Covered

Work directly with over 50 edible and medicinal herbs.
Organic farming, harvesting, wildcrafting, drying and storing. 
Tea blending, herbal remedy preparations, labeling, guidelines for natural products. 
Create and take home 4 seasonal CSH Shares (community supported herbalism)
Create Herbarium of Local Medicinal Plants.
Hands on experience working at various urban farmers market in CT and NY.
Hands on experience working at Twin Star Community Apothecary.

Learn to share your knowledge of herbal healing!

Program Details

The Herb Justice - Seed to Market course will be offered the Last Monday of each month March-November from 9-5, with the exception of May, class will be held on the 18th that month.  Students will be responsible for attending at least 4 herbal markets and working two 4 hour Apothecary shifts. First Class March 30th, 2020 

You can reserve your spot by making a deposit on our registration page or by sending a check, please include enrollment form. Monthly payment plans available, inquire within.  

Enrollment Form


$1500 (plus deposit to hold space $215)


What Students Are Saying

"Level 3 was great. I learned how to harvest tree bark and roots for medicine, identified and harvested mushrooms, went on plant rescues, and made dozens of tinctures, oils and tea blends. I learned the entire growing process from planting a seed, to harvesting the mature plant. The Farmers markets were a great way to meet the public, and share my herbal knowledge. Both Lupo and Ben are great instructors, with decades of herbal training". - Lori A. 2015 Seed to Market Graduate

"Definitely life changing!! Getting in touch with Mother Earth's gifts has been an amazing and enlightening journey. Lupo lives what she teaches!"
Chris H. Level 3 2014 Graduate

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