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Herb Crafting, Primitive Skills, & Nature Connection

Survival Sunday’s with Zach Fisher and Friends

Our existence today is directly related to the ingenuity of our Ancestors.  They were able to thrive in harsh environments due to their deep connection and understanding of the natural world and their close relationship with the plants and animals.  Our Ancestors knew and understood the numerous applications of the plants that they coexisted with including the edible, medicinal, primitive, utilitarian and spiritual uses. They also understood how to work with each of the elements, Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

This course is an introduction to these ancient techniques as well as the mindset and relationships that sustained human life into our modern age.  Participants will work intimately with our environment, building upon herbal skills, harvesting local materials and learning how to process them into usable tools and projects.  Additionally, we will study the ways that we can interact with our landscapes in a deeper and more meaningful way.  Through these traditions, we begin to re-member and honor ourselves, the natural environment, and those who came before us. 

Participants will walk away with finished projects such as herbal harvesting baskets, wildcrafted bark containers, bone awls and needles, primitive plant based jewelry, leather medicine pouches, wildcrafted clay containers, as well as valuable survival, plant spirit and nature connection skills that have been utilized for thousands of years. 

Participants will create a variety of herbal remedies, baskets, containers and spiritual tools throughout the program to take home & will be responsible for 25+ hours of homework/self study. All participants will receive a certificate of recognition for 100 hours of herbal and primitive studies upon completion of the course. This class meets once a month with take home projects and exercises in between.  

October 20
Cultivating the "Wild" Mind
Honing Awareness, Intro to Primitive Plants and their Medicinal, Edible & Spiritual Uses, Building a home in Nature, Introduction to Animal Tracking

November 17
Beyond Food and Medicine
Herbal & Wilderness First Aid, Plant Fibers, Walnut beads, Awakening Instinct

December 15
The Herbal Gathering Basket
Basketry & Pine Pitch Glue – Make your own Herb harvesting basket!

January Winter Break

February 9
Spiritual Tool Kit
Intro to tracking, Handcraft your own Spiritual Tools including Leatherwork /Fans/Rattles/Plant-Medicine Bags

March 15
Cedar, Linden & Pine
Friction Fire Kits/Pine Bark Herbal Containers

April 19
Stone Crafting & Communication

Intro to Bird Language/ Plant Communication and Primitive Pottery/ Stone/Bone Tools

May 31
Earth, Water & Fire
Wild Edible/Medicinal/Utilitarian Plant Walk, Firing Pottery, Water Purification/Rock Boil Herbal Infusions

Feasting and Foraging
Coal Burning Wooden Utensils and Containers, Wild Edibles and Primitive Cooking, Final Projects & Presentations

Held one Sunday of each month from 10-6 PM


Payment in full is $1450.00 this includes all supplies and materials and a $250 deposit and supplies fee to reserve your space.  Payment plans are available, after the deposit in eight installments of $150.00 due before each class.  

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