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Community Supported Apothecary Winter Share

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Our final winter community supported apothecary (CSA) share is ready for pick up or delivery! And we've saved the best for last! This share includes some of our favorite recipes including Elderberry Fire Tonic, Family Feud Nervine Tincture, Elecampane Cough Syrup, Stevia So Sweet all natural sweetener, Ashwaganda Chai, Sumac Punch and the most divine body butter we have ever put on our skin - Cedar & Self Heal Hand and Body Cream. 

Each pick up/delivery will include:
- a combination of seasonal herbal products and remedies and fresh or dried medicinal and culinary herbs
- a variety of remedies including including herbal vinegars, tinctures, salves, lip balm, oils, bug sprays & syrups
- a newsletter with recipes and information on the traditional use of the enclosed herbs and tips to help take care of your family naturally

SINGLE SHARE $55 per share pick up  
or $60 by mail

Community Supported Apothecary Share
from 55.00
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