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Offering annual trips to the Tropical Caribbean in Costa Rica, Mexico, Southwest France & Other Spiritually significant destinations, rich in history, culture, tradition and herbal lore.  

JULY 2019 flower essence training in England


England July 2019

Journey to Avalon

Sacred Plants + Flower Essence Retreat

From one of our favorite cities London, to visit the father of the flowers at the Bach Centre (for two days of classes and training) to the sacred wells of Glastonbury, to the stone people of Avebury, to the ancient Roman bathhouses of Bath. In-between time spent making herbal medicine and plant spirit rituals. Receive certification through The Wild Temple or Twin Star Tribe and a Level 1 certificate from the Bach Center.

This retreat is a collaboration between The Wild Temple & Twin Star Tribe, two amazing, ground-breaking schools spanning from California to Connecticut and offering an exciting range of classes, programs, workshops and retreats around the world. Join us for this adventure of a lifetime & discover for yourself the magic of England’s floral heart.

July 24-30th

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Twin Star trips have a very special place in my heart. After traveling to various countries throughout the world I have come to realize the Twin Star trips provided something very unique and life changing. The gift of the wisdom passed on from the courses, the beautiful people traveling with us and the freedom for us to step outside of our daily grind and see a way to create a better life for ourselves and those around us. I haven’t experienced this anywhere else. There is such peace of mind found when going to a foreign place that one has never been to before and having all of the logistics taken care of ahead of time. Transportation, accommodations, the food, etc. all well coordinated. And the food - always delicious and nourishing! Where ever we have stayed in Europe or South America it has been clean and comfortable. The itinerary is set at just the right balance of daily activities and individual freedom. It’s that whole first time doing something... that fear of riding a bike or jumping off the rope swing, whatever it may be in life, the reward is always worth it... like taking the chance to go on a Twin Star trip!
— Denise

August 2019 plant wisdom healing retreat in Ireland

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Ireland August 2019

The Spirit of Ireland Plant Wisdom Retreat

Come, join us and explore the Sacred Emerald Isle on our 2019 Ireland retreat with Herbalists and Flower Essence Practitioners Lupo Passero & Brooke Sullivan. We are excited to share our great grandmother’s birthplace with you and to explore these ancient lands of magic and gentle mysticism, quite a nurturing seat of Soul to be found on the planet.

This retreat is a collaboration between Twin Star Tribe & The Wild Temple: two amazing, groundbreaking schools spanning from California to California, offering an exciting range of classes, programs, workshops and retreats around the world.

Join us for this adventure of a lifetime & discover for yourself the magic of Ireland’s great heart.

This trip is perfect for all levels of herbal experience; whether you are a beginner, the “budding” herbalist or if you’re an experienced herbalist and would like a deeper understanding of sacred plant medicine. This a plant-centric, cultural tour of incredibly potent + sacred sites! Each day will include time with our herbal allies, interaction with the local plants and time for exploring the rich history of this sacred land. At the end of this tour, each participant will be awarded a Certificate of Completion to commemorate what we have discovered and learned on this trip. August 1 - 7 2019

August 1-7 2019

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Traveling with Twin Star was an amazing experience and so unique!! It was like traveling in a time machine, experiencing hidden treasures of knowledge. A very relaxed and friendly group of soul seekers to learn with. Lupo and her fabulous staff of loving and kind individuals will safely guide you while you are discovering. The daily meals were top quality! Sign me up again!!
— Charlene

November 2019 ancestreal Healing Retreat in SayuliTa, MEXICO

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Mexico November 2019

Plant Healers Journey Celebrates Dias de los Muertos (the day of the dead) WITH LUPO & FRIENDS in Sayulita, Mexico

Join Lupo on a fun filled sabbatical to sunny and sacred Mexico. The highlight and at the heart of this second annual tour is the Local Day of the Dead Celebration. The annual Fesival Dia de los Muertos will be held on Nov 1 & 2. We will spend time learning medicine ways from the indigenous Huichol tribe as well as visiting various local markets and sacred spots. We will be staying at the stunning Casa Salita in the heart of Sayulita which hosts expansive views overlooking the entire Sayulita Bay, downtown area and distant mountains.

October 30th - November 5th (6 nights)

More Information can be found HERE

I traveled to Sayulita, Mexico with Twin Star as a honeymoon after an amazing wedding to my best friend Trevor. We had “front row seats” to unforgettable Dia de Muertos festivities in Sayulita, a lovely little town just north of Puerto Vallarta. On Dias de los Muertos, families construct altars to honor their loved ones who have passed on. The altars are often covered with some of the deceased’s favorite things, maybe pictures of motorcycles, or flower blossoms, or even bottles of tequila! In the US this holiday might be interpreted as a little spooky or morbid, in Sayulita it was a celebration of life. So much color and music and great food! Lupo and hosts Jenn and Jason were fantastic guides to this great little town. Jason recognized that my husband and I were very interested in learning more about the local food scene, and subsequently invited us to come with him to the local fish market and cheese shop. Lupo shared an amazing visit to a Huichol artisan’s studio, where we were able to see his intricate bead and thread work, and could ask questions about the indigenous culture. Our entire group was able to meet some endangered baby sea turtles before they were released back into the sea…super cute! My favorite part of the trip was the ancestral healing journey Lupo led us through. I was able to tangibly connect with my grandmother who I haven’t seen since her death in 1986. It was wonderful to feel her love all around me again. Muchas gracias Twin Star for such a fabulous trip! It won’t be our last trip with you.
— Sarah

Southwest France divine Feminine retreat July 2020 


Southwest France July 2020

Sacred Herbs & Healing Waters of SOUTHWEST FRANCE

Discover the Sacred Herbs & Healing Waters of the Languedoc region, Experience the Divine Feminine Magic of the Magdelene with Lupo and Tina. Join us in this special part of France that is well off the beaten tourist-path, tucked away in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains. Traveling the small, winding roads of Languedoc, you will marvel at the beauty and mystery of this sacred land.

July 2020 Dates TBA (7 nights)

More Information can be found HERE

Traveling with Twin Star is definitely an experience not to be missed! It is always an intimate and supportive group of people that soon become your good friends. It’s a combination of a lot of laughs as well as learning. You will interact with herbs very intimately as it is a very spiritual and conscious experience. It is quite a special way to visit foreign countries through studying the flowers, trees and herbs while integrated with ritual and the spirit of the land they inhabit. Our guides, Tina and Lupo, are both super knowledgeable about the land and the experience feels like a time traveling journey to another part of history. Our teacher Lupo knows how to bring the energetic of the plants to life and the herbs that are meant for you always finds its way! Don’t be surprised by the quick stops on the side of the road to experience and gather the most amazing herbs or plants to later make into a necessary potion. It is a fantastic experience!
— Isabel
The journey to France changed my life in a wonderful way. I highly recommend this trip with Twin Star, Lupo, our Stellar teacher and Tina, our tour director, a/k/a the Tour Goddess! We explored sacred ancient sites and French wild and cultivated herbs, made flower essences and immersed ourselves in thermal and free-running healing waters. We heard little-known stories from master story tellers, while eating amazing country French food prepared by our pension hostess each night and gathered at local markets. And the wine! Our tour was intimate, deep in spirit and exploration, delightful, fun, and I met wonderful people all along the way. I will definitely return to the French Pyrenees, and am so grateful this trip opened this gateway for me!
— Linda

 February 2020 flower essences of the Caribe sur, COSTA RICA


Costa Rica

February 2020

Flower Essence Practitioner Training

February 25 - March 3, 2020 (7 nights)

with Lupo & our Friends at Wild Ginger Community Herbal Center (formally Centro Ashé).

Join us in the abundant Talamanca region of Costa Rica for this in depth immersion into tropical plants and essences. While we will be working directly with the beautiful tropical flowers that surround us, and learning from local and indigenous healing traditions. Participants will learn skills that are applicable across the globe. Students will receive a Flower Essence Practitioner certificate after completed additional consultations in their own communities from Twin Star Herbal Education.

Registration information can be found HERE

I’ve always wanted to visit Costa Rica. So when I learned that Twin Star Herbal Education was offering the opportunity to travel there, I knew it was time to check it off my bucket list! Lupo lead our small group into the charming town of Manzanillo, located in the province of Limón. It was the best of both worlds as the town bordered the Gondoca jungle and the Caribbean sea. The reasonably priced travel package included accommodations, medicinal cacao and jungle tours, various herbal classes, many traditional meals, free time to explore and more! The experience provided me with knowledge of tropical medicinal plants, expanded my awareness of the world, gained friendships and offered personal growth and healing. I was hooked and even returned to Costa Rica with Twin Star the following year! Twin Star Travel is amazing! It’s a great opportunity for singles and couples, alike, to join in on a unique travel experience. Next, I’d like to join in on their Ireland trip... or France!
— Melissa

march 2020 Stars of the Earth Astrological Herbalism Retreat COSTA RICA

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Costa Rica

March 2020

Stars of the Earth Astrological Herbalism Retreat

with Lupo & our Friends at Wild Ginger Community Herbal Center

Join us in the abundant Talamanca region of Costa Rica (again!) for an introduction to astrological herbalism. This luxurious week will be spent working with the elements, modes, planets and signs as well as the flowers, leaves, stems and roots of our beloved plant allies. As we honor the ancient dance of both earth and sky, we will be taking what we learn from the jungle and her healing plants and coupling it with the time worn wisdom of the stars and her planets. Working directly with the beautiful tropical flora that surrounds the Caribe Sur we will build a deep and meaningful relationship to this proven pairing.

March 2019

More information coming soon!

I’ve traveled with Twin Star to Costa Rica on two occasions, in 2016 and 2017. Both experiences were amazing; I felt well taken care of in terms of food and accommodation. Any concerns that I or others had during the trip were met with compassion and dealt with to the best of everyone’s ability. Each activity, field trip, and guest teacher allowed me to feel a greater sense of place, and appreciation of the culture. The love that Lupo has for the places she visits, and the plants that grow there really made this a magical experience for me. What a wonderful way to explore herbal medicine in another part of the world; I highly recommend traveling with Twin Star!
— Haley