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Magic Mushrooms: A Lecture Based on Clinical Research 


Plant Wisdom Wednesday Magic Mushrooms: A Lecture Based on Clinical Research

with Katherine MacLean, PhD

Many of us have faced challenging moments, transitions, and even spiritual awakenings in our lives that require us to step back from our normal responsibilities and obligations, get in touch with our deepest feelings and memories, and then learn how to live again with a new sense of purpose and place in the world. The natural transitions that inspire and challenge us the most can include birth, sickness, death and loss. But it is also becoming more common for people to make a choice to enter into the sacred space of transition, growth and healing through the use of psychedelics. And clinical research is beginning to demonstrate health-related benefits of psychedelic substances, such as reductions in existential anxiety with psilocybin mushrooms, improvements in depressive symptoms with ayahuasca, elimination of opiate addiction with iboga, and successful treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder with MDMA.

In this workshop, Katherine MacLean, PhD will focus on her research into psilocybin, the main psychoactive chemical found in magic mushrooms. Psilocybin mushrooms grow naturally all over the world and have been used for thousands of years for healing, divination and communication with the spirit worlds. Based upon her years as a researcher and psychedelic guide at Johns Hopkins University, Katherine will discuss the process of integration and lead the group through an experiential meditation practice and sharing circle. Participants will go home with an essential oil & flower essence roll on to help with recreating the meditation & integrate the newly acquired information into your daily life.

Information provided during this class is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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