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The Green Witch :: Magical Herbalism & The Way of the Witches

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Hosted by Lupo Passero & Rebekah Sutter

From the very beginning it has been the Herbal or Green  Witch who has been the keeper of the healing plants and the ancient ways. From the smallest village to the largest city across the globe, common folk have sought her out and relied upon her remedies and advice. This special woman, often trained by her mother, aunt or grandmother was who folks would turn to when they were in need of healing and magic as well. Today, the Herbal Witch may not always live close to the forest, but you likely will find her there working with the elements and gathering plants and remedies. Herbal Witches have long had a deep love for the plants, roots, seeds, stars and stones and know the medicinal, spiritual and healing properties of all that surrounds her. The wise Herbal Witch enlists nature to heal ailments of the body, mind and of the spirit.
 She has a remedy for everything under the sun, and has likely prepared it by the light of the moon. Join us in remembering the Green Witch within.


Payment in full is $430.00 and includes all supplies and materials.  A payment plan is available in four installments of $108.00.  The first payment will be used as a deposit to hold your space, the other three are due before or on the day of the first, second and third class.

Classes held on Tuesdays from 6- 9:00
January 7, 14, 21, 28 and February 4 & 11 2019

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