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FREE COMMUNITY CLASS :: Plant Partner :: S K U N K  C A B B A G E ::

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Presented by Haley Neddermann

We invite you to join us for the FREE community class as we explore this local plant SKUNK CABBAGE! We love our Plant Partner series and herbal allies so much that we wanted to invite you to experience it for yourself!Sometimes learning about healing herbs can be overwhelming. There are so many plants to meet and learn about! Even in one cup of tea there can be a beautiful synergy of a dozen different herbs, flowers, roots and more!

Here at Twin Star we like to think of plants as friends, allies, & partners. Much like new friends, it is much easier and magical getting to know each Plant Partner one by one. Join us in this new monthly event at Twin Star Herbal Education as we take the time to meet one plant ally at a time. We will discuss botany, parts used, actions, energies, traditional uses, essences, remedies and more! There will be visual and tangible examples of the herb, along with various different remedies made with the herb to taste, smell and feel. Each month you will go home with informational handouts, herbal remedy recipes and some dried herb to experiment with!

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is brand new to the healing herbal world wanting to learn about healing plants and perfect for the budding herbalist to dive deeper in relationship with our herbal allies.

Please email to register