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Diving Into Spagyrics: To Separate and Re-Enliven A Special Intensive with Jason Scott


During this intensive we will dive a bit deeper into the philosophy and practice of Hermetic Alchemy and the practical processes that evolved out of it as they apply to the plants and fungus. Exploring and understanding the cosmology of the universe from the alchemical perspective; dissecting and reassembling our herbal allies in traditional preparation, we will explore the philosophical underpinnings and the practical application of working with plant and mushroom medicines from start to finish. Demonstrating the process with hands on experiments and display of each process that assists in the transmutation of material. Walk away with a unique experience in the practical art of Alchemy, and an applicable knowledge of how to take your healing work to the next level.

We will be teasing out essential oils, starting ferments to receive spirits, and calcining the herbs to attain the salts to fully see and understand the Spagyric process from start to finish.  As time allows we will also explore other processes for seeing and working with the herbal realm, processes often not explored anywhere else. Accessibility is key to beginning the process of the ancient arts, so we will cover the basics of how to acquire gear to make the works available to people on any budget.

Though we will be diving deep into mysterious territory, this class will be considered introductory and accessible to folks on all levels of experience - that also ties together philosophy and practicum in ways that will pique the curiosity of those already versed in preparing spirits or making essential oils.