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Herbal First Aid Kits

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Learn the traditional art of herbal first aid. From backyard herbs to the goodies in your kitchen. Learn how to naturally treat cuts, bumps, bruises, colds, stomach aches, itchy skin and more.

Create you own Deluxe Herbal First Aid Kit! Everyone should have their own herbal first aid kit, we love traveling with ours in the car or in a backpack when we go out to hike and wildcraft. This kit will be filled with first aid herbs remedies like a Lavender Rescue Spray, Herbal Antiseptic, Echinacea tincture, Calendula Salve, Crystallized Ginger, and more! You will learn to make all of this and more as we spend the evening building these kits. You will also receive a handy guide explaining the use of the herbal remedies found inside. After class, you are encouraged to add and customize your Herbal First Aid Kit through out the years by adding you and your family’s must-haves.

Each participant will go home with their own fully stocked herbal first aid kit to use with healing love in years to come!

Make Your Own Herbal First Aid Kit
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