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Earth Living Skills: The Art of Intuition


with Zach Fisher

This is a workshop that explores the depths of our human intuition. Centuries of conditioning has taught us to question ourselves, to think with the act on our logical impulses rather than our instinctual ones. Using meditation, games, and discussion, we will see if we can get our hearts and minds to work together as one. Our ancestors did it, all the animals do it, awaken your senses to a magical depth.

Zach Fisher has studied primitive skills at Tom Brown Jr's Tracker School, which he considers to be the beginning of the education he was always looking for. He began teaching in 2011 and has since co-founded Earth Living Skills. He teaches and leads guided adventures for Discover Outdoors as well as several other earth skills based programs. His goal as a teacher and a student is to foster a deeper connection with natural world in the spirit of discovery and the maximizing of our human potential.

Earth Living Skills: December
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