13 Moons Presents ~ Goddess Within Us, A Sacred Journey

Join us as we embrace the wisdom of our time together in 13 moons and move forward to transform & deepen the work of the Goddess.

Starting in January 2017, we will meet the second Thursday of each month (from 6:00-9:00) in celebration of the divine feminine, and activating our inner-dwelling goddesses. Come with us as we dive into experiential exploration of one goddess per month, and her archetypal journey. Using guided meditation, movement, singing, meditative silence, drawing, herbal, essential oil and flower essence plant partners and journaling.

We will open each circle with candles and introductions, an astrological overview, then explore one Goddess and incorporate and activate her energy into our lives.  Each month you will walk away with an herbal medicine that compliments our monthly Goddess work and theme, a ceremonial object, pictures, handouts about the Goddess and brief daily practices to anchor that Goddess into your consciousness, heart and home. 

Throughout the year Linda Shreve, Goddess Extraordinaire, will lead us in special ceremonies linked to the Goddesses and to the elements, fire, water, air and earth. Goddesses from the Egyptian, Greek, Mayan, Native American, Hindu, Eastern and Celtic traditions will be part of our sacred journey.  As we explore and deepen our understanding of the sacred feminine within. We will experience the archetypal patterns of divine creatrix, wise strategist, activist/protector, nurturer, mystic, healer, lover and queen.    

We will meet together in an intimate space, at Linda’s magical home and teaching space the “Castle of Dreams” in New Milford. This sacred, healing journey builds month to month, so we ask for a commitment to the class cycle for the year.  Investment $756 year/ $63 monthly payments. Your first payment will hold your spot and be applied to the January session.

Monthly Overview:

January  - Kali – Hindu goddess of creation/death/rebirth cycle, the natural dance of life
February – Isis, Egyptian goddess of the moon, past life karma, magic and alchemy.
March – Artemis – Greek goddess whose bow and arrow promote focused discernment, protecting All.
April – Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom and strategy, warrior.
May – Ixchel, Mayan moon goddess, mother of all, lady rainbow, spiritual healer, protects mothers, children
June – Lakshmi – Hindu goddess of abundance, overcomer of obstacles and creatrix of a benevolent universe.
July – Kuan Yin – eastern goddess of compassion, protectress of women & children, promotes clairvoyance.
August – Sekhmet – Egyptian sun goddess, firey protector lioness, called upon for strength and courage.
September – Demeter / Persephone Greek Goddess of the earth, harvest & law, goddess of  life/death cycle
October – Aphrodite, Greek goddess of passion and love, self-care & inner understanding of female/male
November – Dana – Celtic, high priestess, of manifestation, alchemy and divine magic, elemental kingdoms.
December – Wohpe - White Buffalo Calf Woman, Native American Goddess of peace, pleasure, cycles, time 

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