Twin Star Presents ~ Goddess Within Us, A Sacred Journey

Join us as we embrace the wisdom of our time together and move forward to transform & deepen the work of the Goddess.

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Our theme this year is exploring the sacred marriage of the divine feminine and divine masculine within each of us, which when activated, invokes great creative potential in our lives. Our storytelling will explore our goddess and her divine masculine consort or god, and in some cases her male protagonist, to better understand ourselves and our stories.    

We will meet the THIRD Thursday each month in 2019, celebrating the divine feminine, and activating our in-dwelling goddesses. come with us as we dive into experiential exploration of one goddess per month, and her archetypal journey, Using RITUAL, STORYTELLING, guided meditation, movement, singing, meditative silence, gong baths, drawing, herbal, essential oil and flower essence plant partners, sacred stones and journaling.

We will open each circle with candles and introductions, an astrological overview, then explore one goddess and incorporate and activate her energy into our lives.  Each month you will walk away with an herbal medicine specifically designed to invoke the goddess, an inspirational altar card with monthly affirmation, a detailed handout about the goddess, a stone for a mala/necklace which is built over the 12 months and a brief daily practice to anchor that goddess in your consciousness. 

During the year Linda will lead us in special ceremonies linked to the goddesses and to fire, water, air and earth. Goddesses from Egyptian, greek, Norse, Hindu, Judeo-christian, Native American, Japanese shinto, Sumerian and Celtic traditions will be part of our sacred journey as we explore and deepen our understanding of the sacred feminine within. We will experience the archetypal patterns of divine creatrix, wise strategist, activist/protector, nurturer, mystic, healer, lover & queen, we will meet together in an intimate space, at Linda’s home in New Milford for most classes.

The sacred journey builds month to month, so we ask for a commitment to the class cycle for the year. 

January – Shakti - Shiva – SHAKTI, hindu goddess of creative power, sometimes referred to as "The Great Divine Mother" is both responsible for creation and the agent of all change. Shakti is cosmic existence as well as liberation. And when coupled with Shiva, new worlds spring into existence.   

February – Isis - OSIRIS -  isis, Egyptian goddess of the moon, past life karma, magic and alchemy. Includes the story of Isis and Osiris, a love story of loss, betrayal and re-membering life’s longing for itself. One of the world’s greatest love stories.

March – medusa -poseidon - pegasus – medusa, greek demi-goddess, and acolyte of Athena is a fierce protectress of Grecian homes and temples, and is an aspect of Athena, in her ancient snake goddess form, protecting all who call on her. Medusa’s relationship with poseidon led to creation of Pegasus the winged horse, who sprang from medusa’s severed head and symbolizes instinct and wisdom.    

April – Persephone - hades. Persephone, greek goddess of spring and queen of the underworld, is personification of the natural vegetative cycle of birth, death and rebirth.  Come hear the deeper story of Persephone and Hades’ love, and the transformative power of the underworld as womb of mystery and restoration.

May – gyhldeptis, forest goddess of the Tlingit/haida people of northwest north America, is known for bringing together opposing forces and synthesizing them into a harmonious whole, through feasting and cooperation.  

June – mary the Magdalene - yeshua – judeo-christian-gnostic master light workers, Mary and yeshua (Jesus) are the embodied sacred marriage of divine feminine and masculine made manifest in the world. Call on them to invoke love into your life and the world. Find out how Mary and yeshua may have continued their ministry into southwest France.   

July – lady of beasts, Sumerian/Indian proto-goddess of fertility, creation and relationship is an ancient goddess and predates the written record. She is goddess of the inter-web of creation between all creatures, promoting nurturing our relationships with self and other.

August – Amaterasu - Susano-o – Amaterasu, Japanese Shinto sun goddess, whose shining beauty radiates and clarifies our own beauty, governs creativity, the material world and light. When Her trickster brother susano-o issues crude insults, she retreats to a cave, extinguishing the sun. in response uzume, shaman-goddess does a bawdy dance, and amaterasu’s curiosity and laughter prevail.

Sept. – Psyche - eros – psyche is a symbol for the human mind, soul and spirit. She was a mortal greek woman, and through her mysterious marriage to a dragon (really eros/cupid, a god of love), is awakened to love, and by overcoming key obstacles set out by aphrodite (eros mother and goddess of love), psyche is reunited with eros in the sacred marriage. she becomes a Goddess of growth, change, transformation and depth.  

Oct. – Changing Woman, Navaho goddess, southwest native American.  Changing woman is benevolent goddess of abundance and harmony, evoking love and generosity, and knowledge of self as agent of change.  

Nov. – thetis - Achilles. Thetis is greek goddess of water and the sea, prophecy and fertility. She is shape shifter and mistress of calm seas. Her calm influence may be called on during life changes. Due to a prophecy that her son would exceed the father, both zeus and poseidon courted but did not marry her. When she married a human king, achilles was born.  

Dec. – Valkyrie - odin. The valkyrie is an ancient norse bird goddess, in raven form, and is wielder of magic and life/death. Valkyrie are the psychopomp of souls as they cross from this world to the underworld and rebirth. They are fearless in the dark places, where fertility, abundance and growth occur. In Norse legend, the Valkyrie meet departing souls and guide them to Valhalla, honored hall of Odin the all-father or to Freya’s fertile field and hall.    

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