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Introduction and Healing with Sherry and Synergy the Crystal Skull

The Ancient Crystal Skull known as “Synergy” and Guardian and Healer, Sherry Whitfield will be returning to Connecticut, August 2, 2016! We are deeply honored and excited to announce that Sherry Whitfield and the Ancient Crystal Skull, Synergy will be coming back to Twin Star this summer!!

Sherry Whitfield will share entertaining stories and insights about the history of this crystal skull and some of its journeys. You will learn about its origins, stories of healing and amazing experiences with Native tribes and shamans from across the globe. Some stories will make you laugh - and some may make you cry. You will not be bored! The evening may include guided meditation, and healing with Sherry and Synergy. It is a spiritual exercise utilizing ancient techniques involving breath, sound and color to focus attention inward, opening to higher energies. This can be a profound experience and may lead to permanent changes in awareness.

This workshop is facilitated by the guardian of Synergy, Sherry Whitfield. Sherry is well known Internationally for her clairvoyance and healing abilities and has had over 40 years experience and training with alternative healing work in various modalities, having worked with numerous physicians, shamans, medicine people and other healers. Sherry has conducted about 16,000 sessions with Synergy over the last 14 years, in locations around the world.

Pre-registration fee: $35. To register, contact Deana Paqua