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Plant Wisdom Wednesday: Herbal Skincare for the Inside & Out

:::: Plant Wisdom Wednesday ::::
for wise women & wise guys

Join us for this monthly community herbal healing circle. Learn about new plants or herbal healing subjects each month and gain a better understanding of how to incorporate their healing remedies into your life.

Herbal Skincare for the Inside & Out: Have you ever wondered what your skin was trying to tell you? Are you interested in learning how the use of herbs can improve your skin? Join Herbalist Julie DeMaio for a discussion on herbal beauty where you’ll discover how facial mapping indicates what your body needs internally to achieve healthy, glowing skin externally, and what dietary & herbal recommendations can support those needs. We’ll also discuss how to incorporate medicinal plants & flowers in your beauty routine and finally make the switch to non-toxic beauty products. This workshop includes a hands-on session where you can create a customized herbal face mask to take home and enjoy.

Julie DeMaio is a Level 3 TwinStar student and a Brooklyn based AADP certified holistic health practitioner & herbalist specializing in skin health. She is the owner and product designer for bk apothecary, which offers a of line of handmade organic skincare and herbal elixirs for your body, skin & soul

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