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Summer Medicinal Plant Walk

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Plant Wisdom Wednesday: Summer Medicinal Plant Walk

with Haley Neddermann

July 10th, 2019, 6:30-8:30PM

We hope you will be able to venture out with us during this beautiful and blooming time of the season and meet some of our local plant allies. Herbalist Haley Neddermann will lead us on a summer wild plant walk through downtown New Milford. Together, we will learn how to identify local medicinal plants, understand their lifecycles, and highlight some of their practical and medicinal applications. Bring your medicinal plant guides and magnifying loops if you have them! We will be meeting at the apothecary, and checking out what we have growing in our garden, as well as what medicinal plants can be found downtown. A great way to find out how abundantly our favorite plant allies grow all around us!

As an Herbalist & Flower Essence Practitioner, Haley hopes to inspire people to connect with the plants that grow around them, and empower them to incorporate those plants into their everyday life. What draws Haley in the most when studying herbal medicine, is learning about the ways plants help us heal on an emotional and spiritual level.

$25 pre-registered // $30 at drop in

Visit to sign up, email Bekah Sutter at or call Twin Star Community Apothecary at 860-350-0077 for any questions

Plant Wisdom Wednesday
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