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The Kitchen Witch: Eating as Ritual for Health and Healing

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Witch Crafting Wednesday: The Kitchen Witch: Eating as Ritual for Health and Healing with Morgan Detering

Join us for our new Wednesday Night Series: Witch Crafting Wednesday! This monthly drop-in event is witchy, creative and fun! Each month we will gather and learn about a mystical topic and create a handmade craft together. From crystals, to love potions, manifesting, to dream catchers and more, each gathering is meant to reignite your intuition, bring on the magical vibes, and light your inner creative fire. Come get witchy and crafty with us!

For many of us, food is often perceived as the enemy. We constantly battle what to eat, when to eat and how to eat, finding ourselves disconnected from the pure essence and pleasure of what nourishing our bodies can look like. Following fad diets or listening to what worked for others leads us to neglect what works for us. In this class, Morgan Detering will guide participants to explore how creating mealtime rituals can heal the relationship we have with food, our bodies and ultimately our health. As a group we will prepare a light meal in the context of ceremony and then sit together in circle and enjoy the fruits Mother Nature, and the company of fellow brothers and sisters.

Morgan is a trained Life Coach, Spiritual Guide, and budding Herbalist. Her life long journey of self development and personal growth, as well as her own healing around food, body and Self Love, are some of the many things that brought her to Twin Star. A forever student of life, Morgan deeply cherishes all opportunity’s to share what she has been taught with others, and to hold the space for growth and expansion of all around her.

$25 pre-registered // $30 at the door

Visit to sign up, email Bekah Sutter at or call Twin Star Community Apothecary at 860-350-0077 for any questions

Witch Crafting Wednesday
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