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Herbs and Essences for Heart Healing

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Plant Wisdom Wednesday: Herbs and Essences for Heart Healing with Haley Neddermann

Through our hearts, we experience emotions ranging from grief and sorrow, to joy and love. How can we take care of this vital organ that senses so much of the world around us? During this workshop, we will explore our individual heart's needs through guided meditation, discussion, and other activities. We will talk about herbs, flower essences, and other healing tools that can protect our heart's vulnerabilities as well as improves its capacity to fully express and receive joy and love. We will also craft individualized remedies for everyone to take home. 

Haley has been taking classes at Twin Star since 2014, completing trainings that include Foundations of Herbalism, Practices and Protocols of Herbalism, Flower Essence Practitioner Training in Costa Rica, and the Seed to Market Advanced Herbal Training. Before coming to Twin Star, she completed her bachelor's degree in Natural History and Environmental Humanities at Sterling College (VT), so her knowledge of plants also extends to their ecological roles and stories. Currently, Haley is working in the apothecary after completing Twin Star’s 7 month mentorship program as an Herbal Apprentice. She spends her days blending teas, inventorying our selection of beautiful herbs, wildcrafting, coming up with new recipes, and much more. What draws Haley in the most when studying herbal medicine, is learning about the ways plants help us heal on an emotional and spiritual level. As an herbalist, she hopes to inspire people to connect with the plants that grow around them, and empower them to incorporate those plants into their everyday life.

$25 pre-registered // $30 at the door

Visit to sign up, email Bekah Sutter at or call Twin Star Community Apothecary at 860-350-0077 for any questions

Plant Wisdom Wednesday
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