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Energy Clearing and Protection for the Energy Sensitive


with Deana Paqua of Embody the Sacred

If you dread crowded gatherings, going to the mall or grocery shopping, or feel drained in certain situations or around certain people, this class is for you. Join us for learning several techniques for clearing and protecting your personal energy with cross-cultural, ancient and contemporary energy medicine techniques to support the energy sensitive, empathic, and those in the healing arts, caring and teaching professions. We will focus on techniques to incorporate into everyday life to cleanse, protect and empower yourself so that you can move into the Spring with greater comfort and ease. We will explore and practice hands-on techniques that you can use in everyday life to feel more strength, clarity and vitality. We will also explore tools and remedies you can incorporate into your everyday routine.

Cost: $75
Contact: To register, contact Deana Paqua at 203-994-5045 or