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Witch Crafting Wednesday: Self-Care Rituals & Crystal Essences

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Witch Crafting Wednesday: Self-Care Rituals & Crystal Essences with Nicole Cammett

Join us for our new Wednesday Night Series: Witch Crafting Wednesday! This monthly drop-in event is witchy, creative and fun! Each month we will gather and learn about a mystical topic and create a handmade craft together. From crystals, to love potions, manifesting, to dream catchers and more, each gathering is meant to reignite your intuition, bring on the magical vibes, and light your inner creative fire. Come get witchy and crafty with us!

Join us for an evening of self-care witch style! We will be discussing and conducting self-care with crystals, rituals and energy healing. During the class we will be creating sacred space to let go of things that no longer serve us, cleansing our body of negative energy, welcoming positive light energy into our space and bringing balance to the mind, body and spirit. We welcome crystals into our self-care routine to help us heal where healing is needed. We will be discussing crystal essences and the different ways to create them at home, along with how to incorporate these essences into your daily routines. Students will also be learning the different types of healing properties with crystals, the kind of crystal essence energy you want to create & the safety behind using crystal to make essences. Nicole will lead a guided meditation on what crystal is calling for you on this witchy self-care evening. Each student will choose the essences to make personalized crystal healing water in a spritzer bottle. Come join us for an evening of healing with your local witch sisters!

Nicole Cammett is a self taught and certified energetic healer who is certified in crystal healing as well as a reiki master with a degree in wellness management and holistic health. Nicole has been studying energetic healing and alternative medicine for over 7 years. She first began her journey in the field when introduced to holistic health studies at Western Connecticut State University. She proceeded to study energetic healing, different types of cultural healing, and alternative healing for the mind body and spirit. During this journey she became fascinated by the healing modalities of crystals. She began to teach herself all there is to know about crystals and their healing properties. Her research and practice with crystals began to expand after incorporating crystals in her every day life, along with crystal healing for pets and people. Now she is beginning to spread her knowledge of crystals and has been teaching crystal classes within the new Milford and Brookfield area.

$25 pre-registered // $30 at the door

Visit to sign up, email Bekah Sutter at or call Twin Star Community Apothecary at 860-350-0077 for any questions

Witch Crafting Wednesday
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