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Fox Walking, Plants Talking: A Nature Awareness Play-Shop

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Fox Walking, Plants Talking, Nature Awareness Play Shop with Zach Fisher & Lupo Passero

If you ask any indigenous medicine man or women how they learned about the medicinal uses of the plants, they will tell you that the plants told them.  This type of deep natural instinct is alive in all of us, but many of us have forgotten how to harness that connection.  In this afternoon play shop, we will cover the principles of Instinct and Awareness, how we can use them to enhance our everyday experiences as nature lovers, herbalists and animal enthusiasts. We will discover how to move with nature and let our senses play freely using exercises and games to reawaken our inner dialogue and intuition.  We will collectively work to deepen our awareness and understanding of how animals and plants “speak” to us. There are so many layers to this experience, and a fantastic class for folks of all ages.