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EARTH'S RISING SONS - An Initiation for Men led by Women

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An Initiation for Men led by Women - 7 Weekends over 7 Months - Brattleboro, VT

This seven month initiation, is being lead by and held by women who have been on the GodDESS path as priestesses, medicine women, healers, and teachers.  We will be sharing with you, from the feminine perspective and view, the ways in which we see the masculine. This is not a training on how to be more feminine..this is about having an opportunity to be in circle, with women who have gone deep into the feminine teachings, so that you can experience the depth of who we are, to better identify yourself.

This group will meet for seven weekends. This is a commitment. To show up for yourself, for our world, for Her. We want to work with men who are ready- To both listen, and speak, and share,
And to rise out of the old construct of what defines masculinity into a new form. In nature, masculine is on the outside, it holds, supports, and acts. The feminine is in the inside, in the center. Our mission is to restore our nature, and make right where we have gone wrong. The Patriarchy has placed the masculine into a dominant position. This has hurt both men and women. It's time to heal, and to return.

Through ceremony, prayer, sacred space, and ritual, we will enter into the temple of the Goddess together, to remember what has been forgotten-
We are all Her children.
We walk upon Her together.
And She is calling us home.
She is calling Her sons,
To stand strong in who they are,
And to stand up for Her.
She is calling Her warriors,
To serve what needs to be served-
Humanity, truth, justice, and love.