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Dream Weaver :: 13 Moons - A Women’s Healing Circle

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This month Bekah Sutter leads the circle in Dream Work

Join us for this month’s sacred sisterhood moon circle – focusing on the power of our dreams. In this circle we will explore how we can work our unconscious dream world to manifest and create in the waking world. We will discuss symbolism and how we might decode what our dream selves are trying to communicate. In circle we delve into some tools and practices we may use to enhance these experiences. Gather with us under the fiery Aries new moon and get dreamy with us!

Since the dawn of our existence women have been gathering together as daughters, sisters, mothers and as healers. Powerful stories have been shared, tears have been shed and many magical moments of healing, strength and love have occurred. It is in honor of this ancient tradition that the 13 Moons - A Women’s Healing Circle has been created. Beginning in January, each month meeting on the first Thursday (Jan & July the second Thursday), we will explore a variety of topics including: sacred healing, women’s plant allies and the wise woman tradition. We will create rituals for honoring our many phases and explore our role as women, sisters and community healers. The circle will be a private and sacred group, open and inclusive to all who identify as women.

Bekah is a blossoming community herbalist & artist residing in the rolling hills of Northwest Connecticut. Rebekah first joined the Twin Star Tribe in the summer of 2013 and has since completed various herbal, energetic and goddess trainings. She has served as the Twin Star Herbal Apprentice for nearly five years and has helped Lupo co-teach a variety of classes throughout that time. Bekah's passion lies in combining the healing physical, energetic & plant spirit magic of the herbal world and creating beautiful hand-crafted artwork and herbal remedies.

13 Moon 2019 Dates:
April 4th
May 2nd
June 6th
July 11th*
August 1st
September 5th
October 3rd
November 7th
December 5th
*second Thursday due to Holiday

$25 pre-registered // $30 at the door
Visit to sign up, email Bekah Sutter at or call Twin Star Community Apothecary at 860-350-0077 for any questions

13 Moons - A Women's Healing Circle
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